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Our Story

Our story began when Denny, an entrepreneur and animal lover, went searching for a premium pet food for his French bulldog, Fergus.

Denny believes our companion pets deserve only the best daily nutrition so his requirements were simple – highest quality, real ingredients, nutritionally appropriate.

Despite many hours, days and weeks of searching, it became apparent that the product quality and nutritional standards Denny was seeking were not being delivered by existing products. So he decided to start his own company and manufacture products that WOULD meet his expectations.

Denny met James, an MBA-qualified Animal Nutritionist, Small Animal Health Practitioner, and raw feeder. They looked at the market and saw that most pet owners did not have easy access to optimum nutrition for their pets, and that was NOT okay!

As a raw feeding advocate, James shared his passion for species-appropriate raw nutrition for dogs and cats. With scientific research continuing to validate raw as the biologically appropriate form of nutrition for companion canines and felines, James could see this was the future of pet food.

His previous exposure to the pet food industry had confirmed his fears – quality and transparency were sadly lacking from commercially manufactured options and ingredient selection showed a complete disregard for biological appropriateness and naturally balanced nutrition.

So together, they set out to raise the standard of companion animal nutrition, and Raw Feeders’ Kitchen was born!

Why Raw Feeders’ Kitchen?

When we asked ourselves to describe the ultimate raw food for pets, we identified six core attributes:

  • Product quality as good as home-made.
  • Use only highest quality, human grade, ingredients.
  • Provide the convenience and value to feed every day.
  • Products are made with care and a commitment to quality.
  • Guaranteed nutritional profile to give peace-of-mind to pet parents.
  • Honesty and transparency for consumers.

As the name suggests, Raw Feeders’ Kitchen is about honest, home-style goodness packed for your convenience!

We are proud to offer the very best animal nutrition products…from our kitchen to yours.

Our Philosophy

Raw Feeders’ Kitchen has a simple philosophy: Every furry companion deserves the very best pet food!

We strongly believe that our life-long companions should be provided optimal health and wellness, every step of the way. This is exactly why we are proud to say that every ingredient we use is guaranteed to be highest quality and 100% human-grade. Pet parents can be confident they are feeding a healthy, natural, species-appropriate diet – just as nature intended!

At Raw Feeders’ Kitchen, every single product is all natural – you won’t find any harmful additives, artificial colours or preservatives in any of them. Our species-appropriate recipes are completely grain-, soy- and corn-free, providing healthy and nourishing meals that are individually packaged for your convenience.

Our mission is to provide information, education and innovative products that make it easy and affordable to feed the very best nutrition to your pets, every day.

Whether you are new to species-appropriate, natural nutrition or a seasoned DIY raw feeder, Raw Feeders’ Kitchen is here to support your raw feeding journey!

Our Team



A life-long pet parent, who once had a family of 10 rescue cats living in his office, Denny has an undeniable passion for animal health and wellness. This made converting his fur-kids from kibble to a species-appropriate raw diet, a very simple decision. Denny’s current fur family includes Fergus the French bulldog and a kitten named Muffin. A raw feeding advocate, Denny now devotes his time and resources to promoting the raw feeding philosophy to all pet owners.



An MBA-qualified Animal Nutritionist and Small Animal Health Practitioner, James has been involved in raw feeding for almost eight years. Having previously worked in the pet food industry, James is committed to improving quality and transparency in the sector. James has a GSD x Rottweiller named Buddy, who has been a real-life study in canine protein allergies! With a keen eye on the latest research, supported by a growing international network of research veterinarians and animal health experts, James brings a scientific perspective to species-appropriate animal nutrition.



An ‘A-Grade’ butcher with qualifications in Meat Science from Massey University (NZ), Leonard has enjoyed a 20-year career working for and managing some of Australasia’s most recognisable meat processors. As pet-parent to three dogs and a cat, Leonard has seen the benefits of raw, natural nutrition and is a passionate advocate for ‘RAW’. Professionally, Leonard is driven by producing high quality products, using the highest-quality ingredients, to provide optimal benefit to our carnivore companions!



Rebecca has advocated raw feeding for over eight years after seeing first-hand the health improvements within the Guide Dogs Queensland breeding program during their in-house raw feeding trials. Professionally, Rebecca has enjoyed an extensive career in retail operations, administration and risk management. Rebecca is most definitely an animal lover who shares her life with a Border Collie named Jaxon, two cats (Millie & Pickles) and, at any given moment, may return home with a selection of rescue animals!



Eryn is a degree-qualified HR & training professional who loves nothing more than educating and informing consumers of the benefits of species-appropriate nutrition for cats and dogs. Currently studying human nutrition, Eryn has a great understanding of positive food behaviours and brings a broad skill-set to the team. Eryn is ‘Mum’ to Ali the black Labrador and a cat named Jinx.



Ron is our resident Food Scientist. As a veteran scientific researcher, Ron has spent more than 30 years in food science and meat research with both CSIRO and Meat & Livestock Australia. With an expert-level understanding of the impact of processing on foodstuffs, Ron has validated the benefits of raw, protein-rich nutrition over heat-modified, carbohydrate-laden kibble and canned products.

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