All About Raw

The Challenge

More than ever, pet parents are taking a keen interest in what they feed their pets.

With the ‘food as medicine’ philosophy gaining increasing momentum in the human nutrition sphere, science is constantly validating the benefits of natural, holistic feeding for our companion pets.

But, in this age of bloggers and arm-chair experts, it can be difficult to find accurate, trustworthy and knowledgeable information to assist with your natural feeding goals.

  • What can I feed?
  • What should I feed?
  • How do I achieve nutritional balance?
  • Do I need to supplement?
  • Should I choose pre-made or DIY?
  • Who can I trust if I need advice?

It is easy to understand how pet parents can feel overwhelmed…

The Solution

Raw Feeders Kitchen – created BY passionate raw feeders FOR passionate raw feeders!

Finally, an Australian pet nutrition business committed to delivering innovative products that combine leading-edge scientific research with the highest quality raw ingredients nature has to offer!

With a team comprising human and animal nutritionists, food scientists, meat processing experts, animal wellness advocates and a growing global network of veterinary nutrition researchers, Raw Feeders’ Kitchen brings passion and expertise to every product and every pet.

Whether you are new to natural feeding or a seasoned expert, Raw Feeders’ Kitchen is your first choice for information, education and support.

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