When it comes to a balanced home-prepared diet for your canine companion, quality ingredients are essential. Low quality meat and offal products will not deliver the required levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your dog healthy and happy.

The CARNIVO range of raw ingredients are 100% human consumption grade, sourced from export accredited Australian processors. We select only grass-fed beef and ethically sourced poultry along with lamb, goat, pork, turkey and premium quality red Kangaroo.

The CARNIVO range includes a fantastic selection of offal and bones including necks, wings, drums, backs, frames, trachea, and brisket bones. Sardines and Mullet provide outstanding omega-3 options and our low-temp washed tripe is perfect for the more adventurous raw feeders!

Whether you are just starting out with homemade raw or you are an experienced DIYer, CARNIVO is your guarantee of premium quality raw ingredients for your fur family!

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