Why Feed RAW

Why Feed RAW

You might have seen more and more information recently on feeding dogs (and cats) a raw diet. But what is a raw diet, what are the benefits and why are more and more people making the switch for their pets?

A raw diet is designed to match the type of diet animals would consume in the wild. The focus is on foods that are raw, minimally processed, free from preservatives, and free from biologically unavailable ingredients such as grains.

A raw diet for canines is primarily composed of animal proteins, organs and raw meaty bones.
Owners that have made the switch to raw for their pets have seen the following benefits:

  • Improved oral health – better breath, less tartar, healthier gums and cleaner teeth.
  • Reduced stool volume – a raw diet high in bio-available nutrients is better absorbed resulting in less waste. They poop a smaller amount, less often. Much easier to clean up!
  • Improved coat condition – glossy, shiny coats.
  • Improved skin condition – less scratching and dandruff
  • Increased stamina and endurance – carbohydrates are an inefficient energy source compared to fat
  • Increased enrichment and stimulation – tearing apart a raw meaty bone provides canines with the opportunity to exercise their jaw muscles
  • Improved weight management through providing appropriate nutrient dense food and avoiding excess carbohydrates

Overall a healthier and happier dog results from being provided the best nutrition.

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